Strategies Used to Get the W-2 Salaries from a Paystub

18 Apr

 Most people use the W-2 forms to know some of the taxes that they have been able to pay within a year.  Each time your wages are remitted to you, you have a paycheck that comes with is called the paystub.  You will also see all the deduction that has been taken away from your salaries in the paystubs. A W-2 form can be used to prepare tax returns.  You can still know the taxes that you are paying without having a W-2 form.  The information in your paystubs can help you do that.  This article shows some of the ways that can be used to calculate W-2 wages from a paystub at

 Whoever wants to get their W-2 ages using the paystub must, first of all, know the total amount that they are earning.  It is essential that you calculate your gross income first hand. This is the total earnings that you have made without any deductions. It can mostly be found by multiplying your rate per hour with several weeks that you have been working. All this information will be in the paystub.  Any amount that you earn apart from the normal salary such as the bonuses, overtime, and commissions are also indicated in the paystub.

The second strategy that can be used to calculate W-2 wages from a paystub is to deduct non-taxable wages. This subtraction is done immediately after knowing the gross income.  They are incomes that cannot be taxed.  You need to get their sum and then take away from the gross income.

The third methods that should be followed to get the W-2 wages from a paystub at is to account for other deduction.  Some amounts may be subtracted even before the tax is calculated.  The amount that you are going to remit for the tax deductions is very much reduced.  The health insurance, the employer benefits, and the retirement accounts are some of the deductions that may have taken place before the taxes are deducted.  After getting the total of these deductions you will have to get the difference from the result after subtracting the non-taxable wages.

 The fourth step is to get the taxes that you end up paying at the end of the year.  You may be paying taxes to many forms of government, and you will have to get all these taxes.

 Finally, you will have to calculate your W-2 earnings.  You should group all the taxes in one place.  You need to take away the total taxes from the total amount that you have received above. The result that you get is the W-2 wages.

In conclusion, you may need to follow all the steps that have been mentioned in this article to help you calculates your W-2 wages from your paystub. Learn more about paystubs at

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